Your goal is to better understand organizational functioning by applying a syste

Your goal is to better understand organizational functioning by applying a systems perspective. Ask the interviewee the questions and record his/her responses. ( Responses already recorded at the bottom!)
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Summarize the information you received using systems theories’ concepts and terminology to describe the agency’s functioning and provide your critical reflection of the agency’s current practices based on system’s theory concepts. (Note that the questions are rephrased in systems terms in parentheses.)
Agency Paper
Adult Protective Services(APS)
Background/History of the Agency
A. How is the agency structured—that is, what professional departments or units does it comprise (what are its various subsystems)? How many departments or units are there?
The agency is structured under Aging and Long-Term Services. There are 3 different departments falling under Aging and Long-Term services. They consist of Adult Protective Services, Aging and Disability Resource Center, and Ombudsman.
B. How are professional departments or units defined (what are their boundaries)? Are they divided according to the problems they address—for example, all staff serving abused children under one umbrella? Or according to function—e.g., intake, assessment, referral, counseling? Or according to some combination of the two?
Ombudsman maintains connections with long term care facilities. APS investigates provides intakes and investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation to vulnerable adults aged 18 or older, ADRC provides resource and programs for the state of New Mexico such as Centennial Waiver an alternative to non-Medicaid qualifying clients who would like to remain in their home and maintain their independence.
C. Do you consider the agency relatively stable (maintaining homeostasis)? Are funding sources (input) stable? What are the primary funding sources for service provision?
Adult Protective Services (APS) is stable. The agency is addressing staffing shortages, allowing the staff more time to respond to the needs of their clients. Leadership is addressing issue and looking for best practices and alternative ways to do things. (APS) currently receive funding through State General Funds, which continues to be stable.
D. How is the effectiveness of service provision (output) measured?
APS clientele is unique. To measure the effectiveness of services would be from the resolution of the investigation, is the client safe and does the client comeback to be reinvestigated.
E. What types of feedback are solicited from consumers, such as clients or other agencies purchasing services?
APS does send out surveys to known providers and community contacts periodically requesting feedback and input. APS encourages feedback from client and family. During an open investigation, APS welcomes all contact from involved parties, whether it be a family member, a friend, or a provider. Anyone who can provide feedback on how APS can better serve a client or better serve the community is encouraged. APS intake receives calls regularly from the community providing both positive and negative feedback. APS takes this information and tries to use it to better the program.
F. Has the agency recently received any positive or negative feedback about its effectiveness? If so, what was this feedback?
APS have received feedback on its response to assist the community and its senior population during the most recent fires in New Mexico. This is feedback was positive on how APS supported taking calls from the community and directing them to resources, local staff providing volunteer support and helping communicate with multiple providers to ensure all providers are working cohesively.
G. Over time, has the agency become more complex—for example, added new services, served new client groups, or added new staff (differentiation)? If so, in what ways?
APS continues to look for new avenues to help and support New Mexico Vulnerable population. The agency has added procedures (Face to Face) and additional services (Emergency Placement/Chore Services/ HC/DC). The process is new (not complex) but gives APS more ability to support the community. APS has begun looking into adding new positions with new responsibilities to continue to grow the output and support.
H. Is the agency generally improving its ability to function and provide effective services (negative entropy)? Is it encountering increasing problems—for example, funding, regulations, or changing client needs (entropy)? In either case, in what ways?
APS is continuing to improve its ability to function and provide effective services. APS deals with changing clients’ needs in each investigation, but due to the quality of staff and support the agency continues to strive to improve.

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