Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need guidance to h

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need guidance to help me learn.Description of the Research Proposal.The description needs to be outline in format & contain the following:Introduction/Literature Review (needs to include Statement of the purpose of the research)
Research question Identify the independent and dependent variables
Note:if your study is descriptive in nature, provide information about the data to be gathered & identify at least two study variables you would control (controlled variables)
Statement of research hypothesisIf you are not testing a hypothesis, state the objective of your study
MethodsDescription of the Study (Accessible) population and method of sampling
Description of specific inclusion and exclusion criteria
Description of the research design
Explain in detail which descriptive and/ or inferential (if appropriate) statistics you would use in your study
ResultsResults Section – The results section of a research paper is where you report the findings of your study, which is based on the methods that you presented in the previous section.The results section( 1-2 pages) should simply state your findings, without any bias or interpretation.It should be arranged in a logical sequence and should include charts or graphs of your data/findings. What do you expect the results to look like if your hypothesis is correct? Consider including a chart to portray your expected results. (Approximately one page)
**If you completed a study with actual results, please present your results accordingly.If you do not have “actual” results, mock results/graphics are appropriate and acceptable.Mock graphics may consist of tables, charts, and/or graphs of your “anticipated” results. It is acceptable to use made-up data at this point or you can recreate data from a similar study.If recreating data from a similar study, please do not copy or paste.You must recreate the tables, charts, and/or graphs.Also, you must cite the source.The purpose of the assignment is to think about useful formats of tables, charts, and/or graphs that most effectively present your findings.**
Discussion Section – In your Discussion section restate the key expected results of your study and state the main conclusion you arrived at. Most importantly, interpret your study in the context of the literature and discuss the ‘so what?’ (real-world application) factor. Some questions to consider are below (1-2 pages):
Why are the results of YOUR study important to your topic or to the field of health and human sciences?
What impact can your results have on your topic (programmatic, policy impact)?
Please include a discussion of three potential threats to the internal validity of your results.
Finally, be sure to make some concrete and evidence-based recommendations. For instance, you may recommend policy or program changes OR perhaps there is more that needs to be learned and you recommend future studies.
References in APA style (you will need to have at least 5 references and at least 3 of your references need to be from published papers in print)
CriteriaPointsIntroduction/Literature Review (Proposal 2)10Research Questions (Proposal 1)10Methods (Proposal 3)10Results25Discussion 25References (APA format)10Overall Syntax/Mechanics 10Total points100

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